E-sports players should face doping tests, says former Paralympian Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson

E-sports has become a booming industry worldwide with a number of UK teenagers now being home-school so that can compete full time / Credit: Alamy


E-sports players should face drug tests like athletes, Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson has said as she called for a new body to regulate the burgeoning industry.

The 12-time Paralympic gold medalist, who has advised the Government on duty of care in sport, warned the rush to become competitive computer games players could lead to children being “chewed up and spat out” by failed attempts to turn professional.

Baroness Grey-Thompson’s comments come after a British 15-year-old, Jaden Ashman, won almost £1 million after being ranked second in the Fortnite World Cup in July.


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AUTHOR:      Mike Wright

SOURCE:      telegraph.co.uk

PUBLISHED: September 28, 2019