Promote development of clean sport.

Provide all the knowledge to protect the health of athletes.

Foster the success of athletes.

Assist sports professionals to create a broad knowledge base.

Participate in making the right decisions sport.

Encourage the development of effective anti-doping regulations.

Ensure the publication date and complete information.

Help make a fair deal.




Become an important anti-doping organization in the field of ecology of sport by facilitating the formation of high-quality knowledge base

in Slovak sport in providing quality and professional assistance and ensuring goodwill, recognition and respectability

SAA as a non-profit organization.





Our activities are objectified, unibiased and impartial.



Respect for the individual, the uniqueness and dignity.



Our business is built on trust, negotiations are transparent, measurable and understandable.



We understand your concerns, decisions and goals.



Each success can be achieved in a clean way.



  • Providing anti-doping activities pursued by the public interest and public benefit is to protect the physical and mental health and the protection of fair play;
  • Popularization, demonstration and implementation of anti-doping ideas and principles established by the World Anti-Doping Code and International Standards, own forms, methods and means;
  • Upon the public authorities in the development and direction of the national anti-doping program, and to create synergistic action to protect the health of children and youth, doing sports athletes and the general public against the influence of anabolic agents, hormonal substances and substances similar anabolic effect;
  • Organizing national and international events, meetings, seminars, conferences, workshops, campaigns and other support activities with the theme of doping; for this purpose, prepares, processes, issues and publish information in electronic and printed form;
  • Provision of advice, preparation of various analyzes, surveys, analyzes and expert assessment of the anti-doping regulations;
  • Cooperation with organizations and institutions Mass Media, with other civic associations, sports organizations, public institutions as well as educational, educational, scientific and cultural establishments and entities in the popularization and dissemination of anti-doping;
  • Cooperation with WADA, national, European and international anti-doping organizations and institutions, building on the work program and tasks, taking part in their chosen activities, events and meetings.



  • The interpretation of the anti-doping regulations and rules for:
    • athletes, sports experts (Coach, officer, manager, doctor, pharmacist, lawyer, doping control officers)
    • Anti-Doping Organisations (NADO, SOV, SPV, NSZ, government authorities, NGOs, the World Anti-Doping Agency and others).
  • Established and explanation in anti-doping terminology.
  • Explanation and interpretation of prohibited substances and methods, medicinal products, food supplements.
  • The interpretation of the anti-doping regulations and rules poeušení anti-doping rules and disclosure of information in the mass media and the intelligence system.
  • Disclosure and advice on anti-doping control in sport and technical level, civil law, criminal law and on the basis of international agreements and conventions.