MODOC – Mobile doping controls





The fight against doping is a complex and very sophisticated system of rules, procedures, information and activities, not excluding the doping control system. Under the term doping control, we understand not only sampling of the biological sample, but also a whole range of activities based on information sampling, planning, decision making as well as the sampling, transport and sample proceeding, including documenting all the necessary actions that are linked to the overall process doping control. All these activities represent a relatively complicated and often demanding process, based on precise processing of documentation on paper in print form. For decades, the process of processing doping control documentation has been solely a manual process that can be affected by many human factors, in particular time, stress, or process, and causes many different mistakes, with consequences leading to failure and also a general invalidation of the doping control itself.



Modern technologies help eliminate human errors in doping control in sport. For this purpose, MODOC has been developed – a digitized integrated system of planning, implementation and documentation of doping controls. In addition, documentation is accessible to all stakeholders at any time, while respecting very strict GDPR rules.



MODOC will help you perform a controlled process through which you collect all the necessary information and then safely store your data for further processing. All relevant actions can be performed in real time using a compatible mobile device (iOS or Android Tablet / Smartphone).



The MODOC system meets all the conditions set by the World Anti-Doping Code and is fully compliant with the International Standard for Testing and Investigation. It also includes the latest findings and takes into account all the specifics for doping control performance within the anti-doping community. The electronic system can be used in all testing situations – in competition testing or out of competition testing, whether during the training or in the private test of the athlete and its use is very advantageous for testing in collective sports. In addition, the electronic system offers a large number of other professional features, enabling it to cover even the most varied situations, offline mode, simultaneous scanning of multiple DCOs, scanning of barcodes, transmission and instant backup of data on secure storage, as well as the subsequent flexible and highly efficient processing of collected data in the overall doping control management.



AUTHOR:             SAA

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PUBLISHED:       May 24, 2018